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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is essentially a system or methodology for effective engagement with stakeholders where a new outcome is required and where the outcome is dependent on staff and stakeholder support and delivery.
OneBeat utilises the internationally-proven Appreciative Inquiry system, developed by David Cooperrider of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.
“OneBeat can be relied upon to deliver results with Appreciative Inquiry". David Cooperrider.

OneBeat, through Appreciative Inquiry, takes a strengths-based approach. Simply put, this focuses on what the client organisation is doing right and then builds on these strengths to energise and engage staff, to form them into cohesive teams that focus on the future instead of rehashing problems from the past.
What is singularly powerful about this approach – and the approach is markedly different from conventional transformation or change practices - is that it aligns the future of individual staff with the future of the company and thus gains staff support in achieving organisational goals.
OneBeat applies Appreciative Inquiry effectively. This occurs because –
  • Staff and stakeholders are comfortable and enthused by a focus on strengths not weaknesses
  • Staff deliver results inside out. That is staff voluntarily help build the value which is externalised to the benefit of the organisation
  • Through this process, staff become strategic assets as they embrace becoming ‘advocates in action’, supporting and delivering organisational goals
  • In a management context this represents better performance at no additional cost
  • To the staff, they realise they have a voice and a direct role in their own future through their support of the company’s future

“Through OneBeat and Appreciative Inquiry staff stopped being isolated from the business and, together, became part of the business”. Senior leader, government department.
David Cooperrider talks about Appreciative Inquiry and the power of strength-based leadership

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p6 The OneBeat team has had a strong working relationship with Case Western Reserve University over the last five years. Where appropriate, OneBeat works with Case Western Reserve University, David Cooperrider and Ron Fry.

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