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What others are saying

OneBeat’s client feedback is extensive but includes the following –
On impacting transformational change

"I was confident from the outset that OneBeat was focused on what we needed and had a way of getting us there. It wasn't about the methodology, but it was about how you applied it to our situation. You had a calm, quiet way of pushing back on the doubters and getting us over the line. We achieved much more than what we thought was possible."

"Very motivational - we have come up with our own ideas that we are passionate about."

“Collaboration strengthened contacts between business units and best practices were shared. There were no limits to ideas and there was freedom to express them and to see them take form."


On Appreciative Inquiry

"A different concept that worked beautifully."

"Great collaboration and awakening of creative thought. A powerful shared experience - thank you."

"Empowerment - courage to take ownership and deliver. Collaboration was key to creating a remarkable bank."


In a merger situation

"OneBeat provided a constructive environment in a difficult situation and enabled people to draw on the best they can create."

"This was a leap of faith - but our staff have come up with actions to achieve our goals."

"Really excited about our vision."


On OneBeat leaders

"The work I personally have seen Terry involved with in getting broad groups aligned and working together is nothing short of alchemy!"

"Fantastic energy and commitment to values."

"Empowerment and enthusiasm. Many minds created great things."

"Great input from OneBeat and great outcomes. Loved it. Thank you OneBeat. Extremely well run. You have something special."


Our Affiliations

p6 The OneBeat team has had a strong working relationship with Case Western Reserve University over the last five years. Where appropriate, OneBeat works with Case Western Reserve University, David Cooperrider and Ron Fry.

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